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Kubb World Championship 1vs1

The Kubb World Championship is a yearly event arranged in Rone at south eastern part of Gotland. The competition started back in 1996 arranged by the local sports association Rone Goik and are now an international event with visitors by people from all over the world. At most, 208 teams have participated from 16 different countries, a record that the organizers soon aim to break through the development of the event, the competition and through sustainable cooperation between business and association involvement.

How does the competition work? The competition is open to all teams and individual players who want to participate, no previous experience is required. The Kubb WC is decided in two competitions over three days, August 1st to 3rd. The World Championship begins on Thursday with a 1vs1 qualifying round where all players are guaranteed 8 games of play and where the top 32 advance to the playoffs which are decided on Day 2 of the World Championship.

Friday begins with qualifying games in 6vs6 through a group stage where the best placed teams advance to Saturday's playoffs. If you do not succeed in advancing to Saturday's playoffs, you have the option of participating in the consolation tournament known as the "Little WC". During Friday afternoon, the finals will be decided in 1vs1.

Saturday begins with a group game with the 64 best-placed teams from Friday's qualifiers and direct qualification, followed by a play-off where the world champions in Kubb will be crowned.

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