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TantrAcro Festival - Playful & Conscious Exploration in Nature

4-day new festival-retreat food incl. in summer Swedish nature-Stjärnsund-by Janie, Fredrik and Gabi. (Svenska längre ner) Only 10 Tickets for the cheapest price 10 for next price and 10 för ordinary... Imagine stepping into a small Swedish village set in Dalarna ready to celebrate midsummer on a warm summer's day surrounded by people who long to play with each other, explore Arco Yoga together and who are also curious to connect more consciously on an emotional, spiritual and physical level and simply enjoy life together for a few days.    ⭐Are you curious to explore more about Tantra and AcroYoga? Would you like to get a taste of these two worlds through playfulness and consciousness? Then this festival is perfect for you, no matter if you are completely new to Tantra & Acro Yoga or if you are ready to dive in even deeper.  🏞️Enjoy a conscious playful exploration set in magical and mystical nature right in heart of Stjärnsund. A tranquillic and tiny Dalarna village surrounded by beautiful lakes and moss covered forests, where you can equally indulge in deep rest and peacefulness. ✨Discover the exhilarating world of AcroYoga, where you'll find yourself upside down, supported by newfound friends, sharing heartfelt laughter.  🤸🏼‍♂️Explore exciting AcroYoga poses and learn how to seamlessly transition between them, floating, popping, and flying through the air! 💛We invite you expand your relationship with your senses, your body and your intimacy with yourself and in connection with others. We have a strong focus on consent and we will practice setting boundaries in order to create a safe and nourishing environment for everyone. During the festival everything is an invitation only, allowing you to honor your journey as well as anyone you are interacting with. Here are some of the Tantra workshops that you can take part in by yourself or with a partner / friend / anyone you feel a YES to.   💛The Art of Conscious touch :: Exploring a range of intimate touch either  by yourself or someone you want to journey with. Explore what it is like to  give and receive devotional touch that comes from a place of innocence, playfulness, honoring and sacredness. You get to decide if you want to charge the energy of the touch with qualities of unconditional love, nurturing, sensuality, sexuality or a mix of them all. How much pleasure do you want to feel?  💜Tantric Breathwork:: Get naturally high and explore conscious breathing practices where you get a chance to melt into your own being and your own body on a much deeper level. For those who want you also get to explore that with another person of your choice and connect with each other energetically, emotionally and spiritually simply using your breath! Are you ready to make love to the universe?  ❤️Tantric Ritual - 5 Senses Awakening ::: This ritual is done in pairs of your choice and focuses on being present as well as sloooowing down while you get to rewrite your relationship with your senses on a profoundly deep level. While dropping into a meditative state where playfulness and sacredness co-exist you get to indulge into each sense and allow for your body and mind to be teased, surprised, gently stimulated and nurtured with a range of smells, flavors, sounds, consensual touch and sight.  💜5 Elements Massage ::: For anyone who wants to create an intimate space with another person of their choice to explore a deep connection based on the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Either) while awakening the fullest potential of pleasure in your body, mind and soul. You get to decide if you want to receive and/or give touch during the massage that is charged with the energy of devotion, nurturing, sensuality or sexuality.  ✨You do not need to bring a partner. We will connect in different group formats. If you want to join with a friend or partner you’re welcome to bring them! ➡️No prerequisites or prior experience required - everyone is welcome to join as they are and we'll meet you at your own skill level! 💛There will be daily workshops in Tantra & AcroYoga. Location Located in the magical village of Stjärnsund surrounded by nature, facilitated by Janie, Fredrik & Gabi.   Register here or super early bird ➡️ Includes: ✨ Accommodation at Fridhem Stjärnsund in a shared bedroom for 4 nights ✨ Homemade Vegetarian Food : Sunday includes dinner, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday includes a breakfast smoothie, brunch & dinner and on Thursday lunch and fika will be served  ✨ all the Tantra and AcroYoga workshops lead by Gabi, Janie & Fredrik as well as some guest teachers  ✨ Possibility of camping reach out for more details Not included: 💜Bedsheets and towels (can be borrowed for an extra fee) 💜Room cleaning upon departure (250kr/room or you can clean yourself) 💜Transportation  Prerequisites No experience needed, but if you have some, feel free to join and we will meet at your level!  Cancellation policy: Cancellations made before 20th of April will be refundable, minus admin fee of 450kr. Cancellations made between 21st of April and 16th of June will require a medical certificate and are refundable by 50%, minus admin fee of 450kr. After the 16th of June no refunds are available.   You can ad an insurence if you book here that will cover any sickness (read their terms)   BIO: Gabi Acro - With over a decade of experience, Gabi has dedicated herself to the practice of AcroYoga since 2009 and holds certification from the AcroYoga International school. She honed her skills at the renowned Swedish Circus school known as Cirkus Cirkor. In addition to AcroYoga, Gabi imparts her expertise in the art of Thai-Yoga-Massage, gracefully guiding students through a captivating Lunar dance of healing touch. In 2009, Gabi co-founded the thriving AcroYoga Stockholm community. She is also co-founder of The Acro Way TT while also organizing Summerdream Fest and AcroYoga Midsummer festival. Gabi's dedication and passion for sharing the joy of AcroYoga continue to inspire students and practitioners worldwide. Gabi encourages each student to embrace a sense of safety, inclusivity, and a willingness to explore playfulness and trust. She believes in the power of unity, recognizing that we are stronger when we come together as an empowered community of supportive individuals.   Janie Swahn Janie is a certified tantric relationship coach and body worker. For the last 10 years she has dived deep into the world of Tantra and holistic healing modalities including studies in Australia, Thailand, USA and Germany. In 2019 Janie graduated from Layla Martin’s online program after a 650h+ Sex, Love and Relationship coaching certification majoring in Men’s sexuality and tantric sex. Since 2020 Janie started working together with her husband Fredrik Swahn. Together they create magical spaces for people who want to explore Tantra, they often coach couples together through their highs and lows of their relationship or they simply celebrate life and love in their own home or while travelling. Janie & Fredrik’s offerings often including live music, dancing, mediation, tantric rituals or simply conscious, playful and at the same time vulnerable spaces where everything is possible. They are running a Romantic Nature Resort in Stjärnsund, which is often used for wedding ceremonies including a large scale, heart shaped labyrinth, for romantic getaways or 3 day couples retreats set in the most beautiful Swedish landscape. No matter if your are totally new to Tantra or if your have been on this journey for a while Janie & Fredrik will meet you where you are at, and most likely take you far beyond anything you ever imagined possible.     Fredrik Swahn   “Let your passion for life be stronger than your fear of failure.”   Fredrik Swahn is a lot... TantrAcro-festival med livemusik o sång på Fridhem med 4 lärare med bla.Gabi, Janie och Fredrik 23-27/6 2024. Max 30 deltagare! Tidigrabatten för 8 biljetter slutar 31/3. ⭐Är du nyfik

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