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Parallel Lives - Class Show

Parallel Lives is an improvised show in 2 acts, straddling 2 very different genres. Act 1 is inspired by popular French ensemble comedy-drama movies, where the group (friends or family) is the central figure of the story. Act 2 is inspired by the modern classics in the superhero movie genre (for instance the classic Superman movies, or Nolan’s Batman trilogy).

Act 1 - Somewhere in France, a group of 6 long-time friends meet up for a special occasion, and their usually separate lives intersect. They eat, drink, talk fast, are quick to argue, give each other a hard time, and rely on each other to go through life. 

Act 2 - Life has taken a turn for the worse: the world has become dangerous, cities are rife with crime and corruption, and supervillains are on the rise. Only a superhero can save the day - and it’s one of the friends we met in Act 1. Soon, they will have to face the biggest threat the world has ever seen.


Improvisers: Anders Conradi, Anna Gomez, Dave Jadin, David Gylje, Gregory Moreau, Lea Xenia Jöst, Matilda Swahn, Tanis Bestland Malminen, Tiina Grönroos


Director: Per Gottfredsson

In association with Studieförbundet SENSUS



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